Inaugurating MeLa – Kick-off at Musei Capitolini, 9 March, Rome

By Peter Aronsson, Linköping University

Musei Capitolini

Placing the kick-off at what in my guide book is presented as “the first national museum in the world founded 1471” in the month where the creation of Italy as an independent state celebrate 150 years is of course a role model for a grand start. Also an interesting and to me productive tension for a project that places its goal to contribute to a post-national context for museums.

MeLa ( is a project coming out of a similar call from European Commission as Eunamus, expanding the research to more varied types of museums and libraries as cultural institutions. It engages several universities but also art galleries, entrepreneurial incubators and aims at promoting new ways of interacting among these, to learn form each other, to better address contemporary issues brought to society in the age of migration.

In my keynote to the opening I presented Eunamus research and looked for ways to interact in the coming years. think we might learn, be inspired and make use of their ways of interacting with cultural institutions while our longer time perspective and comparative scope might contribute with important background knowledge for their action-plan.MeLa will also be represented at our conference in Bologna 30 March to 1 April to continue discussions.

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