Final day of “Building national museums 1750-2010”

Friday 1 April was the third day that Eunamus’ partners and participants
walked the few blocks to San Giovanni in Monte from their accommodation at the
nearby Collegio san Tommaso. By now most of us had found the short cut that
saved the extra minutes that so often are needed in the mornings. Again we sat
down in the simple yet cultural historical elegant aula with its sixteenth-century fresco by Bartolomeo Cesi behind the podium.
Before Eunamus’ partners and participants once again hit the streets of
Bologna, this time to visit the city’s museums, participants gathered to listen
to summary conclusions from the discussants and Peter Aronsson.

All 35 national reports + a few additional ones will be available as open access at Linköping University Elecronic Press this autumn.
Eunamus also plans to publish an edited volume out of the discussants
presentations including a comparative study of the politics of recognition and
representations for National Museums in Europe.  In addition, the project’s researchers have plans for volumes in several languages on selected territories or transversal

Bodil Axelsson

the Aldrovandi Museum of the University of Bologna

Museo Civico Archeologico

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