Eunamus present at SIEF congress Lisbon

This week researchers in Eunamus have participated in the 10th congress of the Societé Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF) – Ways of Feeling the World. Kristin Kuutma gives a paper on the knowledge production around national museums and project coordinator Peter Aronsson have given the key note speach: “Shaping lives – negotiating and narrating memories”.

Peter Aronsson talked about the ways life-stories and experiences are shaped within a broad range of uses of heavily institutionalized identity politics, mediated narratives and situational bodily experiences. In all these contexts, acting upon individual desires is a necessity for formation of collective identities and identification, communicatively constructing society.

Examples from national museums studied in Eunamus were used to argue that meaning is created thorough exchange between spheres of different  logics: existential, political, market and institutional logics. In some contexts the different logics might openly oppose each other and crave for autonomy, but more often they reinforce each other when life-experiences and new utopias are being shaped through narrating and negotiating memories.

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