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Tomorrow I will do a bit of moonlighting for the project Hot Science Global Citizens.  This project links researchers and museum professionals with an interest in exploring the agency of museums in climate change interventions. Its main result will be presented at a two-day symposium in Sydney with Professor Mike Hulme, University of East Anglia, as one of the invited international speakers. Other speakers I look forward to listening to are Brett Neilson and Tony Bennett from the Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney and of course project coordinator Fiona Cameron from the same centre (CCR).

During the symposium, I will especially listen out for how discussions evolve around the critical roles that museums can play in handling polemics and concerns in a topical issue such as climate change. I will do so to transform this knowledge into a Eunamus relevant topic such as the future role of museums in the changing European Union. What are the resources in terms of creative programming ideas that museums and research can use to reach out to the wider society? In fact, the symposium itself tries out the innovative idea of doing an unconference with the main event. Read more on the format of unconference at the HCGC blog.

And – follow my impressions and other tweets from the conference at #hotscience

My stay in Sydney at CCR is supported by the STINT funded exchange program Culturalisation and globalisation run by (ACSIS).Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden

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