Busy days

A lot of activities are going on in the Eunamus project in September. Report
seems to be the word of the month. First I would like to report, in the sense
of broadcasting, that we are planning two conferences. The first one will take
place in Paris 25-26 November and you find the call for papers here.

The second is due to 25-27 January and will take place in Brussels. It will include a public event with a panel dealing with reflections on the planning of new history museums. The overall subject of this conference is the narrative uses of the past in handling conflicts in national museums.

By the end of September we will publish our first online Open Access report edited by Peter Aronsson and Gabriella Elgenius:

Building National Museums in Europe 1750–2010. Conference proceedings from
EuNaMus, European National Museums: Identity Politics, the Uses of the Past and
the European Citizen, Bologna 28-30 April 2011
 (WP2) Report 1

In this case, to report means to communicate and make public all the knowledge the researchers within the project have produced on how the making of national museums in Europe relate to state making processes. Later this year, there will be a corresponding report with papers from the Paris workshop Great Historical Narratives in European Museums (1750-2010): Building Nations, Looking across Borders and Remembering the Past. Editors of this report are Dominique Poulot and Felicity Bodenstein.

We are also struggling with another aspect of reporting, that is to report in the sense of to account for. Eunamus is funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. We are now half way through our three-year project and are asked to summarise our activities so far and account for our use of resources.

There are a few other instances of reporting going on in the project, but they will be announced later on.

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