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Reports from conferences organised by Eunamus

Museum Reforms in Norway and “Talking Europe” in Museums and Research

Knowledge about policy making processes is crucial for the Eunamus project. On the one hand Eunamus investigates the political functions of national museums and the agency they have in relation to shifting ideological agendas. On the other hand, Eunamus is funded by the 7th framework of … Continue reading


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Contemporary national museums, the classical heritage, postnationalism and multicultural nations

At the heart of the three-year research programme Eunamus is the contemporary and future roles of European national museums. To develop the project’s research on identities in museum, its researchers gathered in Athens 23 – 27 April for workshops and a public … Continue reading

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Museum Citizens and Representing our National and European selves in Museums and Online

Alexandra Bounia, University of the Aegean , is the main organiser of the twin workshops taking place in Athens 23-27 April. Programme Eunamus will here discuss research performed by partners and associates in two of the project’s research strands. The museology of Europe Fieldwork in … Continue reading

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Museums between National and European Identities

By Bodil Axelsson This post reports from the panels on Eunamus research and the creation of new history museums held at the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels, the Cinquantenaire Museum, the 25th of January. The panels were co-organised … Continue reading

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Great historical narratives in European museums and political uses of history and memory

Museums have been casted as sites for the formulation of value. They act as political and moralizing institutions and struggle, and have struggled, with political influence and interference,  for a long period. At the same time, they are trusted societal institutions that communicate analytically … Continue reading

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Final day of “Building national museums 1750-2010”

Friday 1 April was the third day that Eunamus’ partners and participants walked the few blocks to San Giovanni in Monte from their accommodation at the nearby Collegio san Tommaso. By now most of us had found the short cut … Continue reading

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Second day of the conference: highlighting themes from the reports – from transnational formations to reconciliations in the aftermaths of WW2 and 1989

The second day of the conference in Bologna was immensely intense in communication and rich in content. Four discussants had read all the 35 country reports and presented elaborated comments. Their comments were then taken up and discussed by the conference … Continue reading

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Perfect setting for conference on the history of national museums

In the breaks between talks and discussions Eunamus partners, participants and guests mingled in the pleasant courtyard outside Aula Prodi, Complesso San Giovanni in Monte and enjoyed the hospitality of Ilaria Porciani and Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna. Bodil Axelsson

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Bologna setting opened a window to heritage politics in Italy

The complex situation of Italy was very much on the agenda the opening day of Eunamus’ conference “Building national museums 1750-2010”. The 150th anniversary of the Italian state has prompted discussions on the creation of a new national history museum. In … Continue reading

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